My passion – to collect

To collect is a strong passion of mine since my childhood, when I collected matchbooks with a variety of pictures, post stamps and everything else that could be collected. Today I am interested in many
different objects and one of the rooms in my old house is reserved only for my collection, which may not have a high monetary value, but the sentimental is huge.
Recently I became a member of the Association of the collectors in Bulgaria. Because of my acquaintance with cultural figures and other collectors, I decided that I want to join the union too, in order to communicate with more collectors of such a high rank, and to work with them on the causes that they attempt to pass in the Bulgarian culture. Despite the limiting Cultural Heritage Act, they annually organizethe event “The Other museum”, which offers exhibits from private collections of members and is definitely worth a look from anyone who is interested in the culture, history and art of Bulgaria. The chairman of the Union is theexpert in literature -Prof. Valeri Stefanov, moreover there are also individualssuch as the academician Svetlin Rusev, Svetoslav Kantardzhiev and the largest contributorto the National Historical Museum – Boyan Radev who supports the initiative of the Association with his rich and valuable art and history collections.
Collecting was and always will be my passion and I hope that in the future I will continue to find more and more important objects –I think that the contacts with the Association of collectors will greatly enrich me in this regard, and I will be able to contribute more to the Bulgarian cultural heritage, being part of the Association?s initiatives.